Algorithms in Java :Live problem solving & Design Techniques


Algorithm Design Techniques: Live problem-solving in Java

Algorithms are everywhere. One great algorithm applied sensibly can result in a System like GOOGLE!

Completer scientists have worked from 100s of years and derived some of the techniques that can be applied to write and design algorithms.

So Why to reinvent the wheel ??

Let’s go through some of the most famous algorithm design techniques in this course.

Once you will come to know these design techniques It will become very easy for you to approach a problem by identifying which technique to apply to solve that correctly and efficiently.

0. Complexity analysis

1. Recursion is the base of any algorithm design

2. Backtracking

3. Divide and Conquer

4. Greedy algorithms

5. Dynamic programming


By the end of this course –

1. You will understand how to design algorithms

2. A lot of coding practice and design live problems in Java

3. Algorithm Complexity analysis


If you are preparing for your coding Interview or doing competitive programming This course will be a big help for you.

THRILLED? I welcome you to the course and I am sure this will be fun!!

If it does not – It comes with a 30 Days money-back guarantee so don’t think twice to give it a shot.

Happy Learning


What you’ll learn

  • Algorithm Design in Computer Systems
  • Algorithm Design Techniques
  • How to Code a Algo in Java
  • Calculate time and space complexity
  • Dynamic Programming, Greedy, D&C and Much more

Who this course is for:

  • Looking to learn to design algorithms
  • Want to develop how to think solve algo problems
  • Code Famous Algorithms in Java

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Course size: 4.39 GB

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