Beginner’s web Development Bundle: Html, CSS and JavaScript

Start your web development journey here.


Instead of going through hours and hours of classes that you will eventually forget , you can learn the basics and start learning more by building websites and adding them to your project portfolio , this way you will remember better because you have built the projects yourself. This way you will end up more confident and more experienced as a web developer.

In this Course you will learn all about html, CSS and JavaScript.

I will take you step by step through the basics html, CSS and JavaScript with examples.

By the end of this course you will be able to understand and write html ,CSS and JavaScript and be ready for your future web dev adventures.

Start your web development journey with this course

this course is designed for absolute beginners who would like to start their career in web development.

In this Course you will learn about:

How to install a code editor for html

  • Text formatting in html
  • Adding images to webpage
  • Adding videos to webpage
  • Creating links
  • html page Structure
  • building a portfolio website
  • Methods for adding styling
  • styling using tags, ids and classes
  • changing background color
  • Styling Text- Color,FontSize and Font family
  • Styling Images
  • Margins, Paddings and Borders
  • Adding color using color codes
  • Adding icons
  • Float and positions
  • Transform
  • Adding Animations
  • Adding Hover options
  • Define and use variables and constants
  • Write comments in JavaScript
  • Perform operations on numbers , strings
  • Use objects ,arrays and functions
  • Take inputs in a website
  • use if statement
  • use switch statements
  • use loops in JavaScript
  • use DOM- document object model
  • Complete a java script project

Who this course is for:

  • anyone who wants to start their career in web development

What you’ll learn

  • Gain confidence in writing html, CSS and JavaScript
  • Design good looking and useful websites
  • Complete a JavaScript project
  • Start from scratch and become a web developer

Requirements :

  • No programming experience needed , you will learn everything in the course

Beginner’s web Development Bundle: Html, CSS and JavaScript Course Free Download.


Course link :

Course size : 1.4GB


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