Cryptocurrency day trading course 2022. Trading Bot included

From real crypto trader. Get known how to earn with day trading. Each student receive personal trading bot for Binance.


Learn how to make more profitable deals by trading on the stock market. Accurate entry into the market, risk control, and elements of automation will let you do it within a month after completing the course.

The course provides practical advice on day trading and long-term trading.

The course is divided into four blocks:

1) Introduction to trading, basic concepts and terms

2) Methods of trading intraday and long-term

3) Practical Guidelines for Calculating Position Sizing and Revenue Targets

4) Description of the algorithm and tools for effective trading

The course focuses on saving capital, risk calculation, calculation of the optimal trade size and rules for closing positions.

After completing the course you will learn:

– How to increase annual profit

– Which technical analysis models are the most effective

– How to use candlestick analysis

– Which technical indicators should be used in trading and which ones should be omitted

– Two secret technical indicators to help you trade with the big players

– How to set up and connect your robot to trading

– How to register and secure an account on Binance exchange

– What to do when your position is in the red – rules for averaging and closing

The course consists of lectures:

1. Basic concepts – an introduction to trading terminology

2. Setting a goal for trading for a year, month, day

3. Method for choosing the size of the transaction and the time to hold the position

4. Types of trading – long-term trading, intraday trading

5. Position trading – how to trade long-term

6. Day trading – basic concepts

7. Rules for position averaging in case of rollbacks

8. Rules for entering trade

9. Rules for closing a position

10. Technical Analysis Patterns

11. Using Candlestick Patterns

12. Indicator 1 – determining the actions of large players

13. Indicator 2 – determining the actions of large players

14. Registering and securing a Binance account

15. Setting up a trading terminal on Binance

16. Practical trading on the stock exchange

17. Trading using robots on the Uni Bot Platform

The course is suitable for beginners and experienced traders.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to Learn Stock day trading
  • Any Beginner to Stock Trading
  • Anyone Looking for bot trading platform
  • Anyone Looking for profitable trading algorithm

What you’ll learn

  • Make 1% profits in intraday
  • Main terms in cryptocurrency trading and the stock market
  • The main technical analysis patterns and candlestick patterns
  • How to find market entry points
  • How to fix profits on optimal level
  • When to close losing positions
  • Risk management basics, daily limit, daily target
  • Long Distance Trading – efficient investments
  • Profitable day trading algorithm
  • Technical tools for day trading
  • Your own trading bot for cryptocurrency INCLUDED

Requirements :

  • No prior knowledge required. This course will teach you all you need for intraday trading.

Course link :

Course size : 1.7GB


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