MSK JavaScript Bootcamp

Learn JavaScript concepts and start attending frontend interviews.


Are you looking to get started with Javascript ?

Are you attending a front-end interview ?

Are you a test engineer planning to become a javascript developer ?

Do you want to brush up on your Javascript skills ?

Hello, My name is Manoj ( Founder @MSK Web development )

I have a decade of experience in frontend web development and I went through a series of ups and downs in my career to reach this state I am today and I have covered all of it in this course. This will help any front-end engineer to boost their career ( using my experience ) and you will learn from my experience. It is the best thing to do.

It took me almost 10 years to populate the contents of this course. The lessons and problems I have solved to get selected in multiple interviews ( Including Walmart, PayPal, JP Morgan, Tesco, Oracle, Cerner & GE  ) and the teachings I obtained when I failed in multiple interviews ( Including Google, Facebook, Amazon, & Microsoft ), all are covered in this 1 course.

In this Bootcamp, I will train you with the most important javascript concepts so that you can start building websites and prepare for your upcoming frontend interviews. I will try to explain things in a simple but effective way to make you understand and remember these concepts. You will be making notes throughout the Bootcamp and practice.

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Who this course is for:

  • Absolute beginners in JavaScript
  • Frontend engineers & students

What you’ll learn

  • Introduction to Javascript
  • JS runtime, compiler passes and hoisting
  • What are prototypes in javascript ?
  • Datatypes, conditions & loops
  • Javascript Object, properties & methods
  • Functions in javascript
  • IIFE pattern
  • What is the event loop ?
  • All Static & prototype String methods (with examples)
  • All Array methods (with examples)
  • Static & dynamic Importing
  • Callbacks and promises
  • Overcoming the callback hell
  • Closures & generators

Requirements :

  • No prior experience in JavaScript needed
  • You need a laptop & internet connection

MSK JavaScript Bootcamp Course Free Download.

Course link :

Course size : 1.8GB


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