Practical React Bootcamp (Hooks, Router, Redux, & GraphQL)

Learn How To Build Real World Applications Using React, Redux, GraphQL, Hooks, Router, HTML, CSS, SASS, and JavaScript.


This is a no holds barred, action packed course, titled Complete React, Redux and GraphQL BootCamp With Real Project, the course takes you through all you need to start building production ready web application using React, Redux, and GraphQL. To demonstrate My Confidence about This Course, I have created a CV that contains all the Concepts that I covered, and the Projects I have executed in this course. You can Take This Course and Start Looking for Job Immediately using the CV I have prepared.

Your prospective employer wants you to come onboard and start building applications for them straight away. That is what I did in this course. To provide the knowledge that will allow you go straight into the industry and start working immediately. With over 160 Lectures, I did not leave any stone unturned!!

Basically, the whole course can be grouped into Three Main Themes:

Understanding Front End Applications

Where I showed how front end applications work, and you to implement front end apps in React.

The Crash Courses

Where I provided short but comprehensive mini-courses on HTML, CSS, SASS, and JavaScript

The Real World Projects

Where I built Two SOLID Real-World React and Redux Projects. The type of Projects that you will be working on when you get into the industry.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who do not have a prior experience with programming
  • Intermediate and senior developers looking to start building front end application using React, Redux, and graphql
  • Developers looking to gain more knowledge within React application development

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how Front End Apps work
  • Learn how React implements Front End Apps
  • Learn the proprietary method that I have developed for creating Front End App in a repeatable way
  • Understand how to build production ready Web application using React, Redux, and GraphQL
  • Learn how to analyse a customer’s problem and generate the software requirements for the project
  • Learn how to structure a large-scale project
  • Learn how to implement all the functionalities of a complete ecommerce React App which include: Product catalogue, Shopping Cart, Order and Checkout, Customer

Requirements :

  • A computer with internet connection
  • Visual Studio Code Development Environment
  • Visual Studio Development Environment
  • NodeJS

Course size: 9.5 GB

Course Link:

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