Projects in ExpressJS – Learn ExpressJs building 10 projects

A Complete Course to Learn Professional Web Development using ExpressJS.


Course Updated On – Feb 1st 2017

Learn to build robust and dynamic web apps using Express JS with this EPIC hands-on course!

Express JS is the pre-built Node JS framework that can help developers build faster and smarter websites and web apps. While NodeJS is a brilliant server-side technology, it can now be extended to building complete web apps using Express.

So, if you are fluent in NodeJS, but want to transition to creating apps from just server-side technologies, then Express JS is the perfect framework to learn and this is the perfect course to help you learn it.

However, Express is not just limited to NodeJS, but also works fabulously with other modules and offers HTTP utilities and middleware for creating APIs. This brilliant framework can help you master single-page and multiple-page websites, as well as some complex web apps.

We have designed this course in a manner to help you learn exactly how to do that! This Express tutorial will help you master 12 different websites and web apps by actually building them from scratch. Additionally, you will also get the royalty free coding for all the apps you’ve built. The course has been divided into 12 sections, with each section focusing on one project and the end of each section, there is also a quiz to help you evaluate your self.

This course will provide the perfect combination of theory and practical application by combining the basics and fundamentals of each technology covered and will then show you how to use the actual technology. Over the course, you will cover technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MongoDB, Bootstrap, Foundation, CouchDB, Pug, EJS, Passport, Socketio, MEAN Stack, and so many more.

At the end of this course, you will have not only mastered over 15 different technologies, but you will also have 12 functional projects that you can call your own.

Here are 12 projects that you will work on:

Project 1: This project will show you how to build a basic web server, while learning the core concepts of NodeJS and Express.

Project 2: In this project, you will build a PC Repair Website to help grasp the beginners concepts of Express.

Project 3: A simple Todo App to help learn how to use MongoDB and Mongo Driver.

Project 4: A complete and detailed Sports Blog for understanding Mongoose and MongoDB.

Project 5: A user Login App that will show you how to integrate Passport authentication.

Project 6: In this project, you will learn how to integrate chat using Socketio.

Project 7: In this project, you will build a ClientKeeper App that will use the MEAN stack from scratch.

Project 8: A functional Job Board that will familiarize you with the Mean.JS generator.

Project 9: A MovieBase App that will use Kraken, which is an extra layer added over Express to build better MVC type applications.

Project 10: In this project, you will build an Instagram App using the Instagram API.

Project 11: A business listing app that will include using CouchDB.

Project 12: A Redis based Storefinder that to learn integration of Redis and Google Geocode.

With so many technologies to learn, what are you waiting for? Express yourself with Express.JS.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to use express or Node as web development backend

What you’ll learn

  • Build professional websites using express
  • Use MEAN stack technologies
  • Use MongoDB, Couch and Mongoose with Express framework
  • Learn professional nodejs

Requirements :

  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is important
  • Basic knowledge of Nodejs and Mongodb will be helpful

Course size: 2 GB

Course Link:

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