Testing Next.js Apps with Jest, Testing Library and Cypress

Learn to test a real-world serverless React app with routes, authentication, database and more!


Learn how to test your Next.js app from top to bottom! Tests provide confidence that your Next.js app won’t be released with embarrassing, costly bugs. Employers need developers who know how to write tests!

Comprehensive Next.js App Testing

This course teaches how to test all aspects of a Next.js application, including:

  1. UI unit tests
  2. API unit tests
  3. Next.js routes
  4. Cached pages
  5. Data updates (both to the cache and via SWR refresh interval)
  6. Authentication
  7. End-to-End tests for a complete user flow

The course uses a cross-section of testing technologies, featuring:

  1. Jest
  2. React Testing Library
  3. Mock Service Worker
  4. Cypress
  5. Cypress Testing Library

You’ll also learn a wide array of testing techniques, such as:

  1. Using a test database
  2. Environment variables
  3. Jest module mocking
  4. Testing definitions and tradeoffs (not necessarily a technique, but helpful in making decisions about what to test!)

Practice what you’ve learned

The course includes “code quizzes” — challenges to write code based on the concepts you’ve just learned. For more concept-heavy sections (such as testing definitions and guidelines) the course provides multiple-choice quizzes.

Test a pre-written app

A Next.js app has already been written for the course, so the course content can focus on testing. The course tests a popular concert venue app called… Popular Concert Venue (the owners were apparently running low on creativity when they named the place). The app features shows from bands such as The Joyous Nun Riot and Avalanche of Cheese. Randomized, mad-libs style band descriptions and images add to the fun.

Proven Instructor

The instructor is a proven Udemy veteran, with reputation for clear explanationsQ&A responsiveness, conciseness, and useful practice activities. Here are some reviews from the instructor’s other courses:

  • A great course, probably the best testing course I’ve ever taken.
  • After watching other courses on the same topic, this is the first one that I’m actually excited to dig into.
  • This course exceeded all my expectations. It has the right amount between practice and theory. The teacher is amazing and thoughtful and she answers the students.
  • I have taken several courses on Udemy, and this is the best one where the teacher doesnt just lecture, but actually structures the class so that I learn the material.

Who this course is for:

  • Next . js developers who want to learn how to test all aspects of their app

What you’ll learn

  • Testing Next . js UI, API, routes, authentication and database interactions
  • When to use unit testing, integration testing and end-to-end testing — and why!
  • Strategies for testing SSG, SSR, ISR and CSR (including cache updates and SWR revalidation intervals)
  • How to use a test database for tests that involve data fetching and mutations

Requirements :

  • Next . js UI and API (particularly version 10+)
  • React components and hooks
  • RECOMMENDED: Jest, Testing Library for React, Cypress
HELPFUL: Mock Service Worker

Course link :https://bit.ly/39YRFdD

Course size : 2.7GB

PASSWORD : getyourcourse.site

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